Viable solutions, professional service

We provide the best transportation Management solutions for our clients.

As a Landstar agency

we have access to a network of over 10,000 operators. Landstar also provides access to a van capacity of 18000 trailers, including a drop and hook trailer fleet of 15,000 trailers with an average age of approximately 5 years.

As a Landstar agency

we have inside access to industry leading LTL capacity providers to deliver on-time, cost-effective, less-than-truckload van and flatbed services across the United States and Canada

As a Landstar agency

we provide transportation solutions to businesses nationwide. From single loads to complex projects, we can handle it.

Do you want fast and reliable service?

JB Shipments

We’ve built our customers’ confidence and trust in our name by hauling a variety of freight in a highly professional, claim-free manner. What we haul may change, but one thing remains the same: our unwavering commitment to high-quality service and safety.

JB Shipments freight agency was formed with the intention of providing solutions to customers that are having problems finding and retaining transportation services, With a focus on convenience, reliability, and affordability.

CUSTOMERS CHOOSE JB Shipments because of our

Reliable Capacity: All modes of transportation nationwide

Safe Operations: 99% claim-free cargo

Cargo Security Experience: High-value in-transit geo-fence program

Unique Business Model: Experienced logistics professionals with a vested interest in mutual success

Make the JB Shipments advantage your advantage. Call (909) 240-1878 for information about any of our services.