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We provide the best transportation Management solutions for our clients.

At JB Shipments...

We’ve developed a database of over 6500 verified and accredited motor carriers, we are well equipped to provide you the level of service you deserve.

At JB Shipments...

We’ve also partnered with common carriers to provide professional grade services to our clients and because of the volume of work we provide our LTL carriers you’re guaranteed preferred service over the competition.

At JB Shipments...

All loads are monitored 24/7 to provide our clients with regular updates on their shipments from start to finish.

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JB Shipments

JB shipments was founded by Arthur Bowe, with 15 years of experience in the industry and ten years of over the road experience as a truck driver he has acquired a unique perspective on the industry that has proven to be an effective tool in aiding our clients in providing solutions to their traffic management problems. Understanding the challenges that motor carriers and shippers face and that sometimes the needs of both sides conflict with each other Arthur decided to start JB shipments a freight agency and transportation provider with the intention of providing solutions to shippers that are having problems finding and retaining transportation services. With a focus on convenience, reliability and affordability, we interview Motor carriers on every shipment to determine equipment compatibility, market price compatibility (cost to ship) FMCSA compliance (insurance, registration, etc.;) and logbook audits to determine availability for on time pickup and delivery on every load.

Let us aid in solidifying your reputation and commitment to your customers and in-turn increasing your overall bottom line.