6 Tips to Avoid Delays in Shipments

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Delays in any business or industry can be quite frustrating. Sadly, we cannot eliminate the possibility of a delay regardless of how aggravating they are. The best approach is to understand the circumstances leading to these delays and find ways to avoid these circumstances.

To avoid delays in the future, here are six tips to follow.

1. Submit All Shipment Documents

If your shipment is to cross borders, proper documentation will most likely be a requirement. Documentation issues often lead to delays since shipments cannot cross borders until proper documents are presented and inspection is done. The whole inspection and presentation of documents is time-consuming and leads to delays.

If your shipment is from another state or country, make sure all the documents are available to cut down on the lengthy process that leads to delays.

2. Give Clear and Accurate Addresses

Shipping companies rely on addresses to get you your orders. Incorrect or unclear addresses are hard to track, leading to delivery delays. It’s important for you to cross-check the address given before placing an order to ensure you are giving the right details.

Correct and clear addresses make it easier for shipping companies to deliver your shipments and avoid delays.

3. Make Timely Orders

Shipping companies will always try to put the needs of their clients first. However, a few unavoidable instances exist that may lead to delays. Let’s take a look.

Bad Weather

Whether you’re your delivery is by water, air, or road, bad weather can be a nuisance. Shipping companies want to make sure your items reach you on time and in the expected quality. They will, therefore, not transport your shipment when the weather poses a threat.

Technical Issues

A technical issue with the ship, airplane, or truck that was supposed to deliver your load can lead to unanticipated delays.

Increased Shipment Volume

An unexpected increase in the number of shipments requiring delivery can lead to delays. An increase in delivery demand and limited resources may cause these delays. Holidays, for example, attract promotions and offers that lead to unexpected increase in shipment volume and hence delivery delays.

Making timely orders means giving room for delays so that in case the inevitable happens, you are not left frustrated.

4. Reach Out

Most shipping companies will communicate with their customers when they expect a delay. In such a situation, it’s wise that you reach out to the shipping company. Shippers understand that there are urgent orders that need urgent delivery.

By reaching out, your help hastens the delivery of your shipment. Your shipping company will appreciate a call and will likely offer you a personalized solution so your shipment gets to you in time.

5. Subscribe to Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking doesn’t help avoid delays. However, locating your shipment and estimating the approximate time it should arrive helps avoid unnecessary anxiety and prevent frustrations that come with unexpected delays.

Working with companies that offer shipment tracking gives you access to real-time shipment tracking. If there are any expected delays, you can develop a strategy to cope.

6. Hire Reputable Shipping Companies

Like all other industries, the shipping industry is quite competitive. Many shipping companies are offering the same services all over the globe. Entrusting your shipment to a company with some experience in the industry guarantees that your shipment is safe and will get to you in the expected timeframe.

Follow the tips highlighted in this piece to ensure your shipment gets to you in the expected timeframe.

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